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ABSOLUT kicked off its new “Transform Today” campaign over the weekend in Williamsburg with ABSOLUT Open Canvas, a project turning an entire block of North 6th Street into an interactive and multidisciplinary display of some of New York’s finest creative talent. Freshly painted white facades were reworked by artists like Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe, Craig Damrauer, and Ara Dymond, while graffiti artist KATSU gave a live demonstration in a closed off alley, and iconic Brooklyn fine art and fashion rebel OLEK contributed multiple large scale crocheted installations on fences, a bicycle, and a Mercedes Benz Sprinter.


Other works include storefront artwork and large scale photographs.  A fine art-meets-street art-meets-brand art experience, it is quite an impressive feat of curation and coordination. More ephemeral art and partying will continue on site through out the week. ABSOLUT looks to continue the Transform Today campaign with a similar project set for later this summer in San Francisco.


Craig Damrauer
Asger Carlsen
Aurora Halal
Mark Nystrom
Andrew Kuo
Dev Harlan
Tony Cox
Ara Dymond
Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe
Joseph Montgomery
Valerie Hegarty
Ryan McNamara

Location: North 6th Street Btwn Wythe & Kent
Agency: Sid Lee

Photography: Dean Podmore for Trendland.

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